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Welcome to the Official Web Portal of Badulla Central College

Badulla Central College, is in the heart of the Uva, surrounded by fabulous landscape. This is the leading school in Uva with a student population exceeding 3000, in all 13 grades of secondary education on a campus of 16.08 acres. The academic staff of 135 is headed by the Principal, Mr. S.H.K.Alwis. Throughout the history Badulla Central College has enriched the community by providing quality education.

Latest News

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Message of the Principal


The capital of the modern world is knowledge of information technology. We live in an era of information technology which has minimized the globe in to a small village. So no country can exlcude from this advanced global village and lead a secluded society. But the modern world is divided into two by so called digital dividence and it is a known fact that the nations empowered with advanced modern technology control and lead the other nations... (To read the rest)

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